Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission is a joint powers agreement of eleven cities with two representatives appointed from each city. The general purpose is to administer and enforce a non-exclusive franchise agreement with the cable company. The Commission fields subscriber concerns and guides studio policy. Commission meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. To learn more, contact the LMCC at (952) 471-7125.

LMCC Commissioners:

(Updated 04/01/19)



  • Darel Gustafson
  • Steve Erickson (alternate)
    • Excelsior

    • Greg Miller
      • Greenwood

        • Tom Fletcher, Vice Chair
        • Deb Kind (alternate)
          • Independence

              • Steve Grotting
                • Long Lake

                  • Tom Skjaret
                  • Cary Bacall, At Large


        • Brenda Daniels, Treasurer
        • Brian Sevigny (alternate)
            • Minnetonka Beach

              • Steve Howarth, LMCC Chair
                    • St. Bonifacius

                                    • Terrill Anderson
                                    • Carolyn Brooks (alternate)
                                      • Shorewood

                                            • Tom Lesser, At Large
                                              • Patrick Johnson (alternate)

Spring Park

    Bruce Williamson
  • Woodland

  • Mike Jilek
  • Vince Suerth (alternate)




Serving the Cities of:

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